Review: Pax

Title: Pax Author: Sara Pennypacker Published: 2015 Page Count: 277 Rating: 5/5 Peter has a pet fox named Pax. They are inseparable! But Peter’s dad volunteers for the war and forces Peter to release Pax into the wild and Peter has to go live with his grandfather. Peter realizes that he’s not going to give … More Review: Pax

Review: Black Beauty

Title: Black Beauty Author: Anna Sewell Published: 1877 Page Count: 263 Rating: 5/5 Black Beauty is a high spirit horse and does well for his owner but then he is sold and learns that not all masters are as kind. As he goes from master to master, he experiences hard work and that some men … More Review: Black Beauty

Review: Just So Stories

Title: Just So Stories Author: Rudyard Kipling Published: 1902 Page Count: 201 Rating: 2/5 Just So Stories is a collection of short stories about animals and man. But the stories mostly surround animals. There are 12 stories with a poem at the end of each story. How the Whale Got His Throat | Rating: 3/5 … More Review: Just So Stories

Review: Peter Pan

Title: Peter Pan Author: J.M. Barrie Published: 1911 Page Count: 207 Rating: 2/5 Peter Pan comes to the window of Wendy, John and Michael Darling’s nursery and they all fly to Neverland, which is where Peter Pan lives and never grows up. His enemy, Captain Hook, always seems to be a problem for Peter. But … More Review: Peter Pan

Review: Matilda

Title: Matilda Author: Roald Dahl Published: 1988 Page Count: 233 Rating: 4/5 Matilda is a very smart five-year-old. She lives at home with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood and her brother Michael but they could care less about her. Her father is the owner of a used car dealership but he cheats the people … More Review: Matilda