Review: Mayfly

Title: Mayfly Author: Jeff Sweat Published: 2018 Page Count: 356 Rating: 2/5 Thank you JKS Communications for sending me a finished copy of Mayfly to review. Jemma is a gatherer in The Holy Wood, where girls become Mamas at fifteen and boys become their protectors, called Muscle. They spend their lives trying to survive and … More Review: Mayfly

Review: Just So Stories

Title: Just So Stories Author: Rudyard Kipling Published: 1902 Page Count: 201 Rating: 2/5 Just So Stories is a collection of short stories about animals and man. But the stories mostly surround animals. There are 12 stories with a poem at the end of each story. How the Whale Got His Throat | Rating: 3/5 … More Review: Just So Stories

Review: Fireworks

Title: Fireworks Author: Katie Cotugno Published: 2017 Page Count: 324 Rating: 2/5 Dana and Olivia are inseparable. They have been best friends forever and are now high school graduates. Olivia is talented and has been training to be a star her entire life, where as, Dana has been cheering her along but with no future … More Review: Fireworks

Review: Foolish Hearts

Title: Foolish Hearts Author: Emma Mills Published: 2017 Page Count: 312 Rating: 4/5 Claudia accidentally overhears the break-up of a couple in school, Iris and Paige. Now, Iris threatens to ruin Claudia if she tells anyone. But when Claudia and Iris are stuck working on a paper together and then forced to try out for … More Review: Foolish Hearts

Review: That Summer

Title: That Summer Author: Sarah Dessen Published: 1996 Page Count: 198 Rating: 2/5 It’s summer and Haven’s life is changing so much. Her dad is getting re-married. Her sister is getting married and her mom might be taking a trip to Europe for a few months. So many changes in such a short time but … More Review: That Summer