Review: Thunderhead

Title: Thunderhead Author: Neal Shusterman Published: 2018 Page Count: 536 Rating: 5/5 If you have not read Scythe by Neal Shusterman, this review may contain spoilers for Scythe but not Thunderhead. With Citra as now the junior scythe to Scythe Curie and Rowan is off the grid while the Scythedom searches for him, things are … More Review: Thunderhead

Review: Scythe

Title: Scythe Author: Neal Shusterman Published: 2016 Page Count: 435 Rating: 5/5 Natural death, disease and illness are not things humanity has to deal with anymore. We now have nanites in our system that prevent us from feeling pain and if we die, from jumping off a building, we are revived. Unless a scythe comes … More Review: Scythe

Review: Matilda

Title: Matilda Author: Roald Dahl Published: 1988 Page Count: 233 Rating: 4/5 Matilda is a very smart five-year-old. She lives at home with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood and her brother Michael but they could care less about her. Her father is the owner of a used car dealership but he cheats the people … More Review: Matilda