Review: Pax


Title: Pax
Author: Sara Pennypacker
Published: 2015
Page Count: 277
Rating: 5/5

SynopsisPeter has a pet fox named Pax. They are inseparable! But Peter’s dad volunteers for the war and forces Peter to release Pax into the wild and Peter has to go live with his grandfather. Peter realizes that he’s not going to give up on Pax and decides to adventure through 300 miles to find Pax. Meanwhile, Pax is also not giving up on ‘his boy’. He is going to wait for him until he comes back for him.

My ThoughtsI don’t read a lot of middle grade but the cover and the premise of this story really drew me in. Foxes are beautiful creatures and honestly, so so cute! And Pax is no exception. Peter saved him when he was just a kit, so Pax doesn’t know how to hunt for his own food or even survive in the wild. The story switches between Pax’s point of view and Peter’s and they both go through adventures and discoveries of their own. Pax meets some other foxes who don’t like him because he smells of humans. And Peter meets a woman who lives all alone in the woods. The first chapter of Pax made me cry. It reminded me of how the movie Up made me cry in just the first 5 minutes. Parting with a pet just makes me think of my own pets and leaving them behind is just not an option. If you read other reviews on Pax, a lot of them will state that they didn’t like the ending, but while it was sad, I think it is what needed to happen.

Pax won the National Book Award and it definitely deserves it. This is a book that I would love to re-read every year. And I recommend that you read it too.RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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