Review: Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 1

Fruits Basket Vol. 1

Title: Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 1
Author: Natsuki Takaya
Published: 2015
Page Count: 396
Rating: 4/5

SynopsisWhen tragedy hits Tohru Honda and she is forced to move out and live in a tent, she doesn’t give up. But she is on the land of the Sohma family and they invite her to stay with them. But the Sohma family have a secret of their own – when embraced by the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac. And when Tohru finds out this secret, she is sworn to secrecy.

My ThoughtsMy second manga reading and it was so much better than the first. This was so cute and the banter between the characters had me smiling. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the second volume. Tohru is such an incredible girl. She is determined to never give up no matter what life throws at her. She does end up in a love triangle with two of the boys who she is living with, Yuki and Kyo, and Yuki is my personal favorite. But the two guys just hate each other. They are constantly yelling and fighting and it was pointed out that because they turn into a cat and a rat, that is why they are always bickering.

I didn’t know this series came out in the 90’s and I definitely didn’t know there was an anime, so I’m definitely going to check that out. Overall, the story was pleasant and easy to keep up. The art is great and I highly recommend it for someone who is wanting to try out manga for the first time.RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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