Review: Pause: Making Time to Walk With God

Pause - Making Time to Walk With God1

Title: Pause: Making Time to Walk With God
Author: Kerry Connelly
Published: 2017
Page Count: 220
Rating: 3/5

My ThoughtsThe Pause Lifestyle is basically taking time our of your busy day to spend with God. Whether you have 6 or 2 of those moments a day, is up to you. You can set an alarm, to remind yourself or set specified times. But honestly, I don’t really like this concept. It might help others to get into the Word but for someone like me, who grew up as a Christian and read with my family every single night, I don’t need to be reminded. It’s like those parents who need to put their child’s toy on the dashboard so that they won’t forget and leave their child in the car. God is our Father and I shouldn’t have to be reminded to spend time with Him. I should just be doing it!! The author explains it with the wilderness, which is where we are without God and we should be in His Garden. So we are coming out of the dry wilderness and by spending time with Him we are entering the lush Garden. Great analogy!

Like I said, this is probably good for a newly born again Christian who is just starting out with their relationship with Christ. There were a lot of good passages in here and one thing that really stuck out was this: “The Creator of the universe longs for your presence, your attention, your probing and questioning”. I’m not perfect. I don’t read my Bible every single day and yet God still wants me. Faults and all! That’s amazing!!RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter