Review: Black Beauty

Black Beauty1

Title: Black Beauty
Author: Anna Sewell
Published: 1877
Page Count: 263
Rating: 5/5

SynopsisBlack Beauty is a high spirit horse and does well for his owner but then he is sold and learns that not all masters are as kind. As he goes from master to master, he experiences hard work and that some men don’t care about the well being of the horse. But Black Beauty is still so loyal to his masters and has an unbreakable spirit.

My ThoughtsI really loved this classic! This was my first time reading it and though, I probably would have enjoyed even more when I was in grade school (I loved horses) and I still really enjoyed this story of the amazing Black Beauty. It was beautifully written and getting to know Black Beauty was a treasure.

He is treated so terribly and my heart goes out to him. Some men are so mean and push him too far. Far enough for him to break his knees and get sick and is not well taken care of. I grew up around horses and they are pretty big animals. If you treat them with kindness, they do remember that. But they also remember when you treated them terribly as well. Black Beauty never hurts his masters though. He works as hard as he can, even when he has no strength left. As Black Beauty is sold from master to master, we get to meet a lot of the other horses that he befriends and they usually tell him about their lives. Some of them are so sad and you just want to reach in the book and hug their necks.

I highly recommend this book to everyone! Not just children. It was easy to read and enjoyable. Definitely worth being a classic!RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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