Review: I Believe In a Thing Called Love

I Believe In a Thing Called Love1

Title: I Believe In a Thing Called Love
Author: Maurene Good
Published: 2017
Page Count: 317
Rating: 3/5

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Desi has everything in her life planned. She’s valedictorian of her class, student body president and a star soccer player on her team. One of her goals includes getting in to Stanford to become a doctor, which is what her mom did. But she’s never had a boyfriend because flirting with boys is not something she can plan out and they always end up with her embarrassed. But after watching her dad’s obsession, Korean dramas, she writes out a 24 step plan to find love. And she’s got her eyes on Luca, the mysterious, artist who is new to school. As she starts on her steps to win him over, she finds out that real love isn’t just about drama.

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The premise of this story is interesting. But the outcome wasn’t that great. First of all, Desi does some pretty outrageous things. Things that don’t make much sense and make me question what is going through her mind. She endangers both her and Luca’s lives on more than one account and she’s constantly lying and manipulating Luca. I don’t agree with her plan and I think it’s wrong. Also, there are moments when Desi goes into extreme stalker mode and it’s a bit scary. She goes as far as finding out who Luca’s ex-girlfriend is and starts following her social media accounts anonymously AND gets notifications for anytime she posts a new status or picture. I just hated all the lying and manipulating and for as smart as she is, I feel like she made some really stupid decisions. Over and over!

Desi has two really good friends, Fiona and Wes. I don’t really have any opinion of them. They didn’t have much personality. Desi mentioned that Wes is a player but we don’t see him except for with one girl. The relationship between Desi and her father is one of my favorite things about this book. After losing her mother at the age of 7, Desi and her dad rely on each other and they are very close.

So while I had a lot of issues with Desi and the story, I didn’t absolutely hate it. The story was interesting and I wanted to find out what happened with Luca and Desi by the end of the book.

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