Review: The Wind In the Willows

The Wind In the Willows1

Title: The Wind In the Willows
Author: Kenneth Grahame
Published: 1908
Page Count: 245
Rating: 4/5

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Mole meets Ratty and they go on his boat together. They meet Badger and have a feast with him. And there’s Mr. Toad, who is rich and a little self-centered and also a little reckless when it comes to motor cars. The four of them become friends but Mr. Toad’s recklessness gets out of hand and his friends will have to try and help him get back to his home.

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This story was actually quite entertaining. I enjoyed reading about these little creatures and their outings. Mole and Ratty are my two favorites. I love how they just meet and instantly become friends. Badger is still a bit of a mystery to me. He seems to be in a respectable place among the critters in the wood and it seems that a lot of them even fear him. And Toad is just the worst. By the end of the book, I was hoping that he would have learned and grown as a character but while he is writing invitations for a banquet, it’s clear he hasn’t grown up.

Following Toad after his recklessness was pretty fun. Seeing him dressed as a washer woman and trying to escape from the police was entertaining but he never once stops and thinks about what he should do next. He just makes one dumb decision after the other. But even though he makes the mistakes, I still enjoyed reading his adventures and what he was up to. Ratty loves to be on the river. He is very friendly, like I mentioned before, and also enjoys writing poetry. Mole is also very friendly and polite and is a very home-loving character.

I think that Kenneth Grahame’s writing style is old-fashioned but still very straight forward and comprehensive. I enjoyed his writing and his characters. Though, some parts were a little boring and I felt like falling asleep, the rest of the story was action packed. I had never heard this story before and it’s one that I can see myself reading to my children one day.

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