Review: Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes1

Title: Starry Eyes
Author: Jenn Bennett
Published: 2018
Page Count: 419
Rating: 4/5

Thank you Simon and Schuster for sending me a finished copy of Starry Eyes.

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Zorie is very organized and hates when her plans get messed up. She likes schedules and sticking to those schedules with no bumps in the road. She’s grown up with her best friend Lennon but now they are enemies due to an incident last year after homecoming and they haven’t talked for the past year. But Zorie is pushed to go on a camping trip with her friends and guess who she finds out is going right as they are leaving? Lennon. Now they are forced to hang out together, and worse, end up stranded together with just the two of them and now have to talk about what really happened on the night of homecoming.

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I just finished reading Alex, Approximately and I enjoyed it so much that I immediately wanted to read Jenn Bennett’s newest book. And I enjoyed this one as well. I still think that I liked Alex, Approximately more but this one was still really great.

Zorie is much like me in the way that she is organized. I’m a planner and I like things to stick to a schedule but Zorie is more intense. If things don’t go as planned she gets very anxious and can develop hives. But I still connected her on somewhat of a level. We don’t get to see her friendship with Lennon that much. She talks about being friends with him while they were growing up and then they tried to be a couple and now they are enemies. So we really don’t see how their friendship was and I wished we had. I think Lennon is a great guy and when we learn the truth about what happened on homecoming night, everything makes sense. At first, I didn’t understand what could possibly be his reasoning and I kind of disliked him. But as we see Zorie and Lennon talking more on their hike and getting all of their feelings out, I love to see them get along.

Zorie’s friend Reagan is the worst! I didn’t like her from the beginning. She is a complete mess because she got hurt and now can’t compete for the olympics and she takes it out on everyone without actually saying anything. She’s just snarky and mean and I was glad we didn’t see her for the majority of the book. I loved that, much like with Bennett’s other book making me want to be in California on the beach, this book made me wish that I was camping and looking up at the stars. I love books that take place during the summer since it’s my favorite season. The stars and campfires and s’mores are making me want to plan a camping trip.

If you liked Alex, Approximately, I would recommend this one. I really enjoyed it and I think you will too.

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