Sunday’s with Jesus #1

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Hello everyone!
I wanted to start something new on Sunday’s because Jesus is a big part of my life and I just recently discovered that my job as a follower of Christ is to get His Word out there to as many people as possible. I want people to experience the love of Christ and to see how a relationship with Him can change your life. (I know these new posts are not for everyone, so if you do not want to read these, then I respect that but I would also like to be respected as well)

So just a little background on me… I grew up going to church since I was a baby. I sang in the youth group when I was in high school (even though I do not have a good voice) and I helped my mom when she taught the children. My mom did most of the activities and the lessons and I just helped her out but I was in charge of the worship and picking out the songs for that Sunday. I really enjoyed doing that but we ended up leaving that church. I have not been going actively to a church since I graduated high school. Not because I didn’t want to but because I was not sure where to go. To this day, I still do not attend a church. My husband and I moved last year and with him being on the road, travelling, about 70% of the year, it’s really difficult to find a church and be involved. I do however, read my Bible daily and worship the Lord during my own time. I love spending one on one time with Him and just praising Him for how good He is to me.

I am, however, a prodigal daughter. I have steered away from Him so many times, that I’m shameful of it. But He has forgiven me. Over and over again and I am most thankful for His mercy. And He forgives you too, if you just ask Him. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who ignores you or only talks to you one day of the week. Or only when they need something. We have friendships like that and we tend to end those friendships because we think we are being used. But sometimes we are guilty of treating God that way. We only talk to Him on Sunday’s or we go to Him only when we are suffering. But He will never forsake us. Even if we do ignore Him and don’t build our relationship with Him daily, He will still be there. Always! Treat Him like he’s your best friend. Talk to Him through everything! Not just the bad times but the good times too. He deserves so much better and I have surrendered myself completely to Him. I want to know Him more and more every day and I am trying my best not to forsake Him ever again.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.James 4:7-8

If anyone wants to talk or know anything more, feel free to fill out the contact form and I’d be happy to chat with you. Or just comment below! I hope you all have a good day and rest of the week. Thanks for reading, God bless!


7 thoughts on “Sunday’s with Jesus #1

  1. I love this! Can’t wait to read your future posts on Sundays. I go to church every Sunday but sometimes I feel like getting deeper into the Word. That’s why I (try to) read a passage from Jesus Calling daily. Bless! I wish the best to you!

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  2. Good for you for using your voice to spread the word of God. I love this verse so much…actually, the whole book of James really speaks to me. I will look forward to these posts! -Ashley

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  3. I love how you decided to start this new segment on your blog, Rachael! Thank you for sharing your journey with Christ. I definitely agree that it’s important for everyone to realize that even if we stray from the paths God puts before us, he will always be there to guide us in the right direction. ❤

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