Review: Happily


Title: Happily
Author: Chauncey Rogers
Published: 2018
Page Count: 299
Rating: 3/5

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion.

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Laure is just trying to get by in Écarlate and her version of getting by is stealing stuff. From stealing food to money, she will do what she can to get by and eventually have enough money to leave Éclatant forever. But when a message is spread across the town that the prince met his future bride at the ball the previous night and she has disappeared, and all that was left is a glass slipper, Laure gets an idea. Will she be able to trick the royal family in thinking that she was the prince’s mysterious girl? Or will things turn bad before they get better?

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Right from the start, this book had me hooked. Laure is not the heroine that we expect when reading a Cinderella retelling and it was fantastic! She’s a thief and she really doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself. The book jumped right into action at the beginning and that’s what really drew me in. I did find chapters here and there to be a bit boring but it did not last long, because it picked right back up. We also meet the character Luc, who Laure befriends by terrible circumstances. Luc is a merchant who sells linens in town and Laure meets him briefly and shortly after he has joined her on this mission to trick the royal family. I really enjoyed reading the relationship and friendship between them grow. Laure really has some great character development throughout the story and Luc really does make her a better person. She starts out as a very mean girl with a bad attitude and after spending so much time with Luc, who is a genuinely nice person, I think that Laure comes to see how nice she can really be.

My only complaint about the book is the ending. It was rushed way too fast and we discover a huge plot twist, that I didn’t see coming and I did not find necessary for the book. We only get the last three pages to digest this plot twist and it felt forced. I would have been totally satisfied without the huge ending but overall I enjoyed this book. It had great characters and a great story and I really enjoyed the writing. I’m very interested in picking up some of Chauncey Rogers other material and I definitely recommend this one to everyone who loves a good action retelling with a little bit of romance in the mix.

This book comes out on April 3, 2018 and if any of you are interested in reviewing it, in exchange for an e-copy, then you have until March 26th to request it from Chauncey Rogers himself. Just check out his website and use the contact form here.

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