Book Haul: January 2018

Hello bookworms!
So this is going to also be something new that I will be doing. I see a lot of people on bookstagram and booktube showing their book hauls for the month and I thought why not? If you read my reading goals and resolutions, I had one goal on there to only buy 1 book once I read 5. Well… that’s not going so great so I’ll have to try harder in February. I managed to haul 8 books this month (my FairyLoot box still hasn’t come so that technically makes 9). I’ll also put beside it where I bought it, in case anyone is curious. So here we go!

1. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (Barnes & Noble Edition)
2. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (OwlCrate Exclusive Cover)
3. Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu (Barnes & Noble)
4. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Target)
5. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch (Depop)
6. Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch (Depop)
7. Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch (Depop)
8. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (Depop)

Yes, I got two copies of The Cruel Prince. I actually purchased the Barnes & Noble one and I didn’t think about what would be coming in the OwlCrate box. Oh and guess what? I’m subscribed to FairyLoot as well and guess what book is in January’s box? That’s right! The Cruel Prince. So I’ll most likely be doing a giveaway of that book because I really do not need 3 copies of it. I purchased the Snow Like Ashes trilogy, used, on depop for a great price of $22.00 with shipping. They are gently used but they’re still in great condition. And I also purchased Passenger on depop for $12.00 with shipping. It is also used but in fairly great condition. I’m so excited for all of these books. Did you get any new books this month? Have you read any of these on my list? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments. Cya!

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