Review: Queen of Shadows

Title: Queen of Shadows
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Published: 2015
Page Count: 645
Rating: 5/5

This review may contain some spoilers!

Aelin is back in Rifthold and things are going to get messy. She learns that her cousin Aedion has been captured and is to be executed at Dorian’s birthday party. She also learns that Dorian has a Valg prince inside of him because of the Wyrdstone he wears around his neck. So Aelin goes to Arobynn and Chaol to make plans to break Aedion out. In exchange for Arobynn helping her she is to bring him a Valg so he can interrogate it and find out what the King is doing with them. She breaks Aedion out and the two are very happy to see each other. Even though Aelin left Rowan back in Wendlyn, he comes to Rifthold. So together, with Chaol and Aedion, they decide to take the King down and save Dorian.

Wow oh wow! This book was even better than Heir of Fire. This series literally gets better with each book. And I can’t imagine how much better Empire of Storms is going to be. First off, let’s talk about Manon. Manon is to be working for the King because of the deal they made to get the wyverns. So Manon is sent to Morath with her Thirteen and they are doing tasks for Duke Perrington. The Duke asks for Blackbeak witches so they can breed with the Valg. But Manon isn’t not okay with that. Instead, the Yellowlegs volunteer and she sends them to the Duke. Manon also finds Elide, who is her maidservant but Manon discovers that she may have Blackbeak blood running through her. But Manon sends her to spy around and find out what is going on in the dungeons. Elide finds out that the Yellowlegs are being tortured and when Manon finds out she is disgusted. She writes several letters to her grandmother about the issue but her grandmother doesn’t respond to her. Later on, Manon and her Thirteen are to meet the King and her grandmother to see some kind of weapon that he has made. When they get there, Manon meets Dorian and realizes that even though the Valg prince has taken over him, Dorian is still in there somewhere. When she gets back to Morath she discovers Elide in the dungeon and rescues her. As they are leaving, they run into Kaltain and she tells them to hurry out while she pretends to be Elide while they escape and she sacrifices herself while taking down the mountain with her. But unfortunately, the Duke survives. I think that Manon is growing so well as a character. She’s really starting to show that she has a heart and I’m loving her! I kind of liked her in Heir of Fire and now I LOVE her.

Back in Rifthold, Aelin is making so many plans to do everything! First to save Aedion and then she has plans to kill Arobynn and finally to save Dorian and kill the King. She manages to save Aedion and the two, are so happy to see each other. When Rowan arrives and Aedion finds out about the blood oath he is upset because he wanted to be first. But he gets over it and Aelin tells him he can also take the blood oath, when he is ready. Aelin makes a friend in Lysandra as well. Aelin knew her through Arobynn. He had spent all the money that Aelin gave him to pay off her debts to bid on Lysandra. And Aelin has always disliked her. But Lysandra comes to warn Aelin of Arobynn’s actions and the two become very good friends. When Rowan meets her, he instantly knows what she is. A shape-shifter. So Lysandra tells Aelin her story and that Arobynn doesn’t know of her ability. So Lysandra is now in the picture to help take down Arobynn. When Aelin goes to dinner with Arobynn she brings Rowan and Aedion with her and it is the most stressful moment! They have dinner and then Arobynn and Aelin are in the room with the Valg that she captured for him and the Valg tells him how the King controls him. He says that the King gave him the ring stating it was part of the uniform and then licked his blood to make them connected. So Arobynn cuts the ring off the Valg and pockets it. Aelin mentions the Amulet of Orynth and Arobynn hands it to her and he grabs her hand and puts the ring on her finger and seems to have control of her. I literally had to close the book at this part and have a miny freakout because I could not believe it! But as soon as I started reading again, we see that Aelin is faking it. That night Lysandra kills Arobynn in his bed.

Now, the plans are to save Dorian and kill the King. Chaol has told her how the King keeps magic out. By the clocktower. So she needs to destroy it in order to use her magic on the King. Rowan and Aedion are to go beneath the tower and set up an explosive and Aelin, with Chaol as her prisoner, walk right into the castle. Aelin is under the impression that the King doesn’t know that she’s Aelin. That he just knows her as his Champion. But he knows. Dorian chases after Aelin and Chaol holds back to King to give them more time because the clocktower was suppose to have blown up by now. It hasn’t because Rowan and Aedion ran into the Wyrdhounds and they are having a hard time taking them by themselves. Rowan can feel something painful and realizes that Aelin is hurt. Dorian has stabbed Aelin but they finally get the clocktower blown and Aelin shoves Athril’s ring onto his finger as Dorian stabs her. The demon inside of him uses his power and sends ice daggers at Aelin but she counters with fire since her magic back. Aelin heals her wound as well and Dorian finally sees Aelin and recognizes who she is. The King shows up and says that Chaol is dead and that really makes Dorian fight the demon inside of him. Him and Aelin fight the King together as their powers intertwine and the King’s power is drained. Dorian kills the King and the glass castle is ruptured but Rowan saves them to keep the glass from shattering everywhere.

They all rest for a long time and Aelin announces that the King is dead and that Dorian is now their King. Chaol is paralyzed from the waist down and they tell him he should go to the southern continent to where the best healers are. Dorian is staying at the castle and Aelin, Rowan, Aedion and Lysandra head to Terrasen to go back home.

So many wonderful and terrible things happen. I have shipped Aelin (Celaena) and Dorian from the beginning but now I’m team Rowan. I hate to switch sides but they are so close. They tell each other everything and they are just so open with each other and I can’t wait to see their friendship blossom into a relationship in the next book. I definitely can see Dorian getting together with Manon. She is so curious as to what love is and at the end with her flying over and Dorian waving at her, it seems like the start of something great! Chaol really irked me in this book until he redeemed himself in the end. I loved that he was willing to sacrifice himself for his best friend, Dorian. Lysandra was not someone I thought we would see after The Assassin’s Blade. But I am so happy to see that Aelin has another female friend in her life. At the end the King told Aelin and Dorian that Duke Perrington is the one behind everything. Saying that he was forced to do what he did. He made it sound so believable but I honestly just don’t know. It doesn’t really change what he did but now we might know that the real enemy is the Duke and I’m terrified of what he will do.

Definitely, go read this series if you haven’t already. Of course, if you have, thanks so much for reading my review. I am so happy to be reading this series and I can’t wait to read the next!

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