Review: Heir of Fire

Title: Heir of Fire
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Published: 2014
Page Count: 562
Rating: 5/5

This review may contain some spoilers!

Celaena is sent to Wendlyn to assassinate the royal family but she has no actual plans to do that. The Fae Queen, Maeve, sends for Celaena, who happens to be her aunt as well. Celaena wants to ask her some questions about the Wyrdkeys but in order to get those answers, Maeve tells her she must first train and learn to control her magic. She trains with Rowan Whitethorn, a prince that is blood bound to Maeve as her servant. As they train, they grow closer together as friends as Celaena battles to control her magic and defeat the evil that the King of Adarlan has sent her way.

We are introduced to a new character, Manon. She is the heir of the Blackbeak witch clan. Her grandmother is the High Witch of the clan and Manon has high expectations to appease her. “Manon had been born soulless. Soulless and heartless, as a Blackbeak ought to be.” All three of the witch clans, Blackbeaks, Yellowlegs and Bluebloods, are invited by the King of Adarlan to be in his army and fly and train with wyverns. After being in his army for a few years, they can go back to their homeland. Later they will compete in the War Games to see which clan will lead all the other clans. When the time comes for the witches to pick a wyvern, Manon chooses a baitbeast because he fought for her and she names him Abraxos.

Meanwhile, back at the Glass Castle, we are introduced to another new character. Aedion Ashryver. He is the King’s Northern General and cousin to Aelin. He walks around like he is the best and Dorian and Chaol don’t like him. Chaol notices that Aedion is throwing parties but not attending them so he tries tracking him down and discovers that he is working with others to find Aelin and see if the rumors are true that she is alive. Chaol confirms these rumors and decides to help Aedion. Also, in the castle, Dorian and Chaol are not really talking anymore. Dorian doesn’t understand why Chaol sent Celaena to Wendlyn and is upset with him. He is still trying to control his magic when he meets Sorscha, a healer who has actually helped him, Chaol and Celaena when they were hurt before. He grows attached to her and they start a relationship, but they know it has to be kept in secret because she is also helping him with tonics to control his magic.

This has got to be the best Throne of Glass book so far. I noticed on Goodreads a couple of people, stated that this is their least favorite but not for me. It’s definitely my favorite so far! So much happened in this book. I laughed, I cried, I got scared for the character and I loved it!! Celaena is so kick-butt and her relationship with Rowan is turning into a beautiful friendship. At first, I obviously didn’t like Rowan. He was very hard and aggressive with Celaena’s training but as their training continues on, we see that they are becoming friends. One of the most haunting chapters is in chapter 22. Celaena has just had it with Rowan and decides to leave. She sets up camp and a fire in the forest but then remembers that all the times her and Rowan were in the forest he refused to make a fire because it would attract unwanted things. So she quickly leaves and as she looks back at her camp she sees three silhouettes in the front of her cave. They were the Skinwalkers and they search for human pelts. But of course, Rowan comes after and helps. She had been having trouble shifting into her Fae form and Rowan tells her in the forest that she needs to shift right now, or she will die tonight. The scene is just so eerie with the Skinwalkers and nerve wracking for what’s to come. In the second half of the book, when they are about to battle General Narrok and his two hundred soldiers, things got intense. Someone betrayed them because the soldiers started entering in through a secret passage. It’s revealed that Bas betrayed them but I honestly thought that it would have Maeve. I would not put it past her to do something like that. She seems evil! Then we learn of what really happened with Celaena ten years ago and it is the most heartbreaking part to read. Finally, after the battle, Rowan gives Celaena his blessing to see Maeve. When they arrive, Celaena asks her Wrydkeys questions but Maeve doesn’t really have the answers that she wants. She claims to not know where they are or how to put them back. But Celaena had already figured out where the last wyrdkey is and Maeve tries to use Rowan to tell her. She makes her other lapdogs whip him until Celaena tells her and Celaena unleashes her fire and she tells Maeve to break the blood oath between her and Rowan so he can be free! FANTASTIC! But then he has a blood oath to Celaena and it’s not really what she wants. After they leave, she is going to head back to Adarlan and Rowan wants to go too but magic still doesn’t exist there so she tells him to stay.

The chapters with Manon I was seriously bored. I didn’t like them. I just had no interest in those chapters and I wanted to skip them to be honest. But I’m so glad I didn’t because they got so much better. After we meet Abraxos, I LOVED the Manon chapters. It’s mentioned quite a few times that Manon does not have a heart but once she has Abraxos and is training with him and going to hunt food for him, you can tell she is finding her heart. I absolutely DID NOT like Manon but now I’m thinking that she is okay. She is turning herself around.

I really don’t have much to say about Dorian or Chaol. I’m still team Dorian so I didn’t particularly care for him and Sorscha but I will say that I was in tears when the King did what he did to her. Mainly because of what it did to Dorian. & I was so happy to see that Chaol and Dorian left things on a good note even if Dorian is not in good situation at the end of the book. Also, the fact that Chaol went back for Fleetfoot was just the perfect awww moment. Aedion is another character I didn’t really like him at the beginning but then really liked him as a character. Him and Aelin grew up together and he just wants to see her again and that might not happen now and it’s heartbreaking.

I really hope that the next book is even better! I can’t wait to read it and see what happens with all of these characters that I love. Go read Throne of Glass if you haven’t. I’m super late the Throne of Glass game but so what! I’m reading them now and I love them!

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