Review: Wonder

Title: Wonder
Author: R.J. Palacio
Published: 2012
Page Count: 313
Rating: 5/5

Wonder is the story of August Pullman, Auggie, a ten-year-old boy who has facial abnormalities. Auggie has been home-schooled but is finally going to be entering the fifth grade at a private school called Beecher Prep. Auggie has to deal with being around more people than he is used to and has to go through a terrible time of dealing with bullies, when he just wants to be a normal kid.

This story had me in tears a couple of times actually. I also just finished watching the movie trailer and that also had me in tears. But nonetheless, I will be going to see the movie later today and I’m excited! Auggie is such a great character with a huge heart. Even though the kids in this book are so mean to him, he keeps his head high and doesn’t look down to them. Auggie is the type of person who would give you a million and one chances, no matter how many times you turned your back on him. He’s so sweet and adorable and I can’t see why anyone would bully someone like that. Obviously, I know that bullies exist and in some ways, I think everyone can be considered a bully. I may not have been a bully to someone in high school to there face, but I definitely talked about people and there’s no excuses for that. One part in the book that particularly bothered me was when Auggie and Jack were texting each other and Jack tells Auggie “I would want 2 kill myself if I were Julian ;)” Now, I know that they were joking but I still got a nasty pit in my stomach when I read that. That’s such a terrible and awful thing to say about someone. Even if they are a bully, they don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Nobody does!

I really enjoyed reading the book from the couple of different perspectives. We obviously get more from Auggie’s side but it was nice to hear about Jack and Olivia’s side of things. Reading from just Auggie’s side, you wouldn’t know the things that his sister, Olivia, feels about him and her family. This was just a great middle-grade book and I highly recommend it to everyone! I hope the movie turns out good. The movie trailer looked like it was pretty on par with the book. Have you read Wonder? Or seen the movie? What did you think?