Review: Only In Your Dreams

Title: Only In Your Dreams
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2006
Page Count: 232
Rating: 3/5

School’s out and it’s summer! Nate is in the Hampton’s working for Coach because he got caught stealing his prescription and now has to work to get his diploma in time to attend Yale in the fall. Serena is the star of a new movie, Breakfast at Fred’s but she’s having a hard time getting into her character. Blair is in London with Lord Marcus but he continues to blow her off and ignore her because his cousin is visiting. She finally leaves London to go back home and she gets a job in fashion. Dan is working in a used bookstore and meets a new girl, Bree, but at the same time he is also dating Vanessa… again! Vanessa was asked to help with the filming of Breakfast at Fred’s but that is short lived and she gets a job babysitting.

I enjoyed reading this one because it was a guilty pleasure entertainment read. I still don’t like half of the characters. Jenny is not in this book at all. There are mentions of her but she never actually appears. Serena is still so spoiled and doesn’t even know it. Blair is getting better as a character. I hated seeing her in London waiting around for Marcus while he blatantly ignored her. I was happy to see her leave and finally mature as a character by getting a job. Dan is as confusing as ever. After revealing his love for Vanessa during his graduation speech, you would think he would try everything to win her back. But nope! The first girl that comes into the used bookstore he works at, grabs his attention and he forgets all about Vanessa. Nate is also confused. It seems like in every single book, by the end, he wants to get back with Blair. I think he’s received plenty of chances from her.

I hope you have been enjoying these mini reviews. I’m trying to finish the series before the end of the month. I’m on to the next one so thanks for reading!

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