Review: Nothing Can Keep Us Together

Title: Nothing Can Keep Us Together
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2005
Page Count: 221
Rating: 2/5

It’s finally graduation day and everyone is getting ready. Well, not everyone…
Vanessa and Aaron are still together but Vanessa is also interested in Dan again and Dan is definitely into Vanessa. Nate and Serena are a couple but they might not be as happy as everyone thinks. Jenny is still scouting out boarding schools and is finally accepted to one and Blair has met a boy named Marcus. Lord Marcus! Almost everyone is excited for college but someone is thinking of deferring for a year and someone might not even graduate high school.

This 8th book in the Gossip Girl series was a let down. I loved seeing Blair meet someone new like Lord Marcus but I still hate Serena’s character. She seriously has no feelings at all. She goes from loving Nate and wanting to have a relationship with him, to finally having a relationship with him and not wanting anything to do with it. Vanessa knows that Dan is crazy about her and I hated how it felt that she was leading him on. I’m ready for Dan to get a happy ending. Also, Serena and Blair audition for a movie called Breakfast At Fred’s, which is suppose to be a sort of Breakfast At Tiffany’s remake, and Serena isn’t even sure if she wants to be in the movie. But she auditions and gets the part and doesn’t care that Blair is upset. She knows that Blair wanted the part badly, but now that she has the part, she is excited. Oh Serena, you’re a terrible friend!

Now onto book 9… Oh how I can’t wait to get through this series.

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