Top 5 Tuesday: Reasons Why I Blog

Hello readers! I have been really enjoying these Top 5 Tuesday prompts so I hope that you have enjoyed reading them. The creator of this tag is Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. She has a great blog with lots of fun stuff so make sure to go check her out. This weeks prompt is Top 5 reasons why I blog. Honestly, this one was a little hard to come up with because I really just blog for the fun of it. I originally started with the book community through Bookstagram and I fell in love with it! Everyone is so nice and supportive and encouraging. So I decided to start a blog! I started out on Tumblr but I really did not like the way it was set up and I am in no way computer savvy, so I came across WordPress and saw that it was very simple for the kind of blog I wanted. So here I am today posting book reviews and all things bookish. Here are the five reasons that I blog.

1. Meet New People
Like I just said, the book community is so supportive. I’ve only been blogging since August this year and the blogging community is just as great! I have met some amazing people through the blogging world and I love getting to know others and seeing what others enjoy and don’t enjoy. I’ve also gotten to meet so many people who love the same fandoms that I do, and it is so fun to fangirl together.

2. Build Up Credibility
I started my blog to post book reviews. Now I know that can get tiresome to only just post book reviews, so I branched out to tags and unboxings and so forth but I mainly focus on reviews. I do that because I would love to work with authors and publishers. I see so many bookstagrammers and booktubers that receive free books in exchange for honest reviews and I knew that was something that I was very interested in. So I started the blog and started writing reviews.

3. To Share
Sometimes you just need a space to write out all your feelings and I think a blog is perfect for that. I kind of look at my blog as a diary of sorts. I can post whatever I feel like. It doesn’t matter to me if people don’t read it because sometimes I just need to get it out.

4. Discovering Books
Through Bookstagram, I see newly released books in pictures all of the time. But sometimes, through blogs and bookstagram, I will discover a book that isn’t widely known and they end up being some of my favorite books. I love how I will then remember how I came across that book and will think of the person who brought me to it.

5. It’s fun!
Blogging is tons of fun! Yes, it’s a little time consuming but I love it. It’s fun interacting with others about things that we like and dislike and it’s fun reading my online friends posts.

So there you have it! My top 5 reasons why I blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading. Let me know why you blog and what got you starting in the blogging world. I can’t wait to hear from you. Cya!

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  1. Great list! I too started the blog to write reviews but decided to do other things to break it up. Then it turned into something that felt like it had a life of its own! I LOVE the graphic for this post! Did you take that picture? Your Instagram pics are life goals!!! So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your reasons and for participating!

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