Review: I Like It Like That

Title: I Like It Like That
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2004
Page Count: 202
Rating: 2/5

Spring Break is coming up and everyone has something to do. Serena and her family are going to Sun Valley to go skiing. Blair and her family are going to the North Shore in Hawaii but Blair gets invited to Sun Valley by Serena and goes with her instead. Nate and his girlfriend Georgie will also be in Sun Valley. And surprise surprise! Chuck Bass is also there. Jenny is so wrapped up in her new boyfriend Leo, but she feels he may be hiding something from her. Dan gets a job at Red Letter, a literary journal and Vanessa’s parents are visiting but they don’t know anything about her getting an early acceptance to NYU or that she enjoys film.

This book was just not my thing. I was bored and ready for it to end the entire time. Where is the relationship between Serena and Dan? Where’s Blair’s headbands and manipulative nature? What is going on with Chuck Bass? He’s definitely not the Chuck Bass from the show. Dan seems to be the only one maturing. He quits smoking pot and is trying to focus on getting into Brown. Or it at least crosses his mind. Blair is still stressed about whether or not she will get into Yale. Georgie is just terrible as well. We learn that she and Serena know each other but we’re not sure how. Jenny made me so mad when she found out Leo’s secret. She’s so stuck-up.

This may have been the worst book in the series so far but I’m still holding out hope for how the series will wrap up.

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