Review: Because I’m Worth It

Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2003
Page Count: 234
Rating: 2/5

Because I’m Worth It starts off with Blair and Serena becoming senior peer leaders at their school. Where Blair wants to help the girls as much as she can, Serena seems to only want to talk about being in love with Aaron Rose. Jenny happens to be in the group and befriends Elise and the two are attached at the hip. Blair gets a second chance at her Yale interview with Owen Wells, who is an older but very attractive man and Blair cannot seem to think straight when she is around him. Dan and Vanessa are busy on their future careers. Dan’s poem is published in The New Yorker and Vanessa’s film is discovered by a famous filmmaker who wants to work on a project with her. And their relationship with each other is tested. Nate is sent off to Rehab for smoking weed and meets a new girl, Georgina Spark.

This book just had me rolling my eyes, multiple times. The friendship between Jenny and Elise is weird and a little confusing to me. I’m also confused on why Blair might jeopardize her future at Yale for Owen. Blair is not the type of person to let a boy or a man, in this case, get in the way of attending Yale. Serena is the most worthless character in this book. She has no idea what is going on with the people around her. She is just in her own world and not caring about anything or anyone. I feel like Nate is trying to get on track but he’s with yet another girl. Again, we don’t see a lot of Chuck in this book but there is speculation that he may be gay or bi.

I’m learning quickly that these books are definitely not like the TV show. I much prefer the show but I’m very much interested to see where the story in the books is going to lead.

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