Review: All I Want is Everything

Title: All I Want is Everything
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2003
Page Count: 215
Rating: 3/5

We start the third Gossip Girl book with the Black-and-White Ball. Blair and Serena are there and have become friends again. Nate and Jenny go together and of course Blair spots them. But Blair is just trying to move on from Nate. The holiday’s are coming up and Blair is going to St. Barts to meet up with her mother and stepfather and decides to bring Serena along with her. Of course, Aaron, Blair’s step-brother, and her brother Tyler also go. But Aaron also decides to bring along his friend Miles who Blair has been toying with. Serena also becomes very friendly with Flow, who is in a pretty popular band and he is also in St. Barts during the holidays. But when Blair suddenly misses Nate and Serena wants to escape from Flow, they decide on Christmas Eve that they want to go home early, where Serena throws a memorable New Year’s Eve party.

These books are not super amazing but some parts are entertaining. I’m trying to read the books for what they are but it is so hard not to compare them to the TV show, which I LOVE! So far, I have to say that the books are very far off from the TV show and I’m not enjoying it as much. I really don’t know what to expect from the rest of the books but I’m hoping I get to see some of the relationships and drama that I loved from the show. Nate is my absolute least favorite character in the book. He’s just plain awful. We still don’t get to see a lot of Chuck yet in the books, except that he’s a total jerk. I would have loved if the author showed more of Blair and Serena’s friendship growth. At the end of You Know You Love Me, they make up as friends but we don’t really see that progression of their friendship through the writing.

I love that books pick up from the previous one so I can continue the story and not be lost. This one was okay so we’ll see how the rest play out.