Review: You Know You Love Me

Title: You Know You Love Me
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2002
Page Count: 227
Rating: 3/5

The second book in the Gossip Girl series, You Know You Love Me, is filled with even more drama. Blair’s mother is planning her wedding to Cyrus Rose and Blair is the maid of honor. She’s not too happy because she’s not the biggest fan of Cyrus and Serena will be a bridesmaid in the wedding, and the two of them are still not talking. Blair also has her interview with Yale and having to deal with gaining a step brother, Aaron. Serena also has a college interview but instead hers is with Brown. She’s goes up to Brown with Dan and Nate and his friends also tag along. Jenny and Nate start hanging out and Blair is completely in the dark. She keeps trying to gain Nate’s attention but he seems to be pre-occupied with someone else.

This second book was a little better than the first. I feel bad for Blair because everything is crumbling in her world. Serena is still annoying me. Dan is kind of a baby, crying over Serena and writing sad love poetry about her. We don’t see Chuck that much. Nate is being ridiculous. He’s still technically Blair’s boyfriend and he’s off with Jenny. If he really doesn’t want to be with Blair or even spend time with her, why doesn’t he just dump her?

Like I said, this one was better than the first so hopefully the trend will continue with the rest of the series. On to the next!!