Review: The Breakdown

Title: The Breakdown
Author: B.A. Paris
Published: 2017
Page Count: 328
Rating: 5/5

Cass is on her way home one night and decides to drive the shortcut through the woods even though she has promised her husband that she wouldn’t take the shortcut, and she sees a car pulled to the side. When she pulls over and thinks about offering help, she’s frightened that it may be a set up. So she drives on home. The next morning, the news reports that a woman has been murdered just the previous night on the same road. Cass can’t help but feel guilty that she didn’t offer to help the woman and maybe if she did, the woman might still be alive.

Cass is also having a hard time with her memory. Her mother was diagnosed with dementia at the young age of 44 and Cass is starting to think she may have early signs of it. She’s forgetting how to use the washing machine, leaving her purse and forgetting where she parked her car. Not to mention she’s also getting silent calls multiple times a day and she thinks they are from the murderer. Cass’s husband, Matthew, is being very patient with her and trying to help out as much as he can but Cass is terrified to be in the house by herself. Even with the new alarm system set up in the house, Cass still doesn’t feel safe.

This book was incredible. I had high expectations because I loved Behind Closed Doors so much, and this totally blew those expectations away. I never would have guessed who the murderer was and even though I predicted the plot twist, it was still so great to read it and how it all went down. Totally AMAZING! I loved the characters even though I was getting really frustrated with Cass for always forgetting every single little thing. I kept second guessing myself through the entire book. Does Cass have dementia? Maybe she doesn’t. But maybe she does. It was constant back and forth battle through my mind and it was so good!

This is a short review because I do not want to give away any spoilers at all. Just please read this book. I could not put this book down! I never recommend the books that I read to my mom because of profanity usually, and because she doesn’t read the genres that I do but this is a nice and clean read and I will definitely be recommending it to her and to everyone I know! This has to be in my top 5 favorite books of the year and definitely my favorite thriller of all time.