Review: The Last Star

Title: The Last Star
Author: Rick Yancey
Published: 2014
Page Count: 338
Rating: 2/5

Warning: Possible spoilers!

The Last Star is the third and final book in the 5th Wave trilogy and takes place following the second book, The Infinite Sea. Cassie, Sam, Ben, Evan, Megan and Dumbo are now hiding out in the house that once belonged to Grace. Ben wants to go to the caves where he was suppose to meet up with Ringer and Teacup, but Evan has other plans to blow up the mothership and says it is too dangerous for Ben. But Ben and Dumbo set of for the caverns regardless.

All the while, Ringer has left the military base after being enhanced with the 12th system and she knows that Evan Walker must die. She gets stuck with Constance Pierce, who Vosch assigns to accompany her to track down Evan. Vosch is able to see that Cassie and her friends are at Grace’s home, but that two people left and Ringer knows that it was Ben heading for the caverns to meet her. So Ringer and Pierce have to make sure they get to the caves before Ben so it doesn’t look like a setup to get to Walker. When Ben finally catches up with Ringer, he is skeptical of Constance but Ringer tells him to trust her. They go back to the house and Constance turns on them almost immediately. She is killed and Ringer knows that Vosch will send out squads for them now and they need to prepare. A chopper comes for them and Evan volunteers to go with them, but not without Ringer killing a few of the squad members. Ringer knows the chopper will come back for their members and Cassie has a plan to hijack the chopper and try to save Evan.

If there’s one thing I liked about this book, it’s the action and the different POV’s. My favorite POV was definitely Ben. He became my favorite character in this book. But in all honesty, I did not like this book. This was an awful ending to a potential great series. The first book blew me away and this one left me with so many questions. I’m pretty certain there never were any aliens. “There is no alien entity inside of you,” Vosch said. “None inside any of us and none aboard the mothership. It is completely automated, like your old friend here, designed by its makers after centuries of careful study and deliberation and sent to the planet to wean the human population to a sustainable level. And, of course, to keep it there indefinitely by changing human nature itself.” Seriously? When I read that, I didn’t know if I should believe it or not because Vosch tends to lie a lot if you haven’t noticed already. But I’m thinking now, that what he said was true because it makes sense. They installed these 12th systems into humans before they were born with all this false information that they were aliens. So the “Others” really did think they were aliens because that is the information that they were given but it was all a lie.

Cassie and Evan were just obnoxious in this book. The sex scene was awkward and made me uncomfortable reading it. Cassie just seemed so concerned about Evan more than her brother and that upset me a little. Ben seemed to care more for Sam than Cassie did. Also, the ending… I told you that there would be spoilers so if you haven’t read this book and you are planning to then DO NOT read another word. Cassie tells Ringer that she killed Evan because he was trying to kill her because Vosch took away all of his memories of Cassie. We think that Evan is dead and then Cassie sacrifices herself but then we find out that Evan is not dead and that Ringer and Ben decided that it would be better to give Evan back his memories of Cassie because “Pain is necessary. Pain is life. Without pain there can be no joy.” All the time, Ringer has been pregnant with Razor’s child and at the end she has the baby and names it Cassie.

I could have a gone without reading this one, and made up the ending for myself. This is a series that I want to recommend the first and second book to my friends but they leave on a cliffhanger and I just would not recommend this one. Have you read this series? What were your thoughts?

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