Review: Milk and Cookies

Title: Milk and Cookies
Author: Frank Asch
Published: 1982
Page Count: 36
Rating: 5/5

Milk and Cookies is about a baby bear who is staying with his grandma and grandpa bear for the night and thinks that he sees grandpa bear feeding a dragon in the basement. He has a nightmare that the dragon comes upstairs and tells him that he’s hungry, so baby bear goes to the kitchen to get him some milk and cookies. The dragon eats all the cookies and drinks all the milk and baby bear wakes up crying because the dragon didn’t leave any for him. Papa bear then takes baby bear down into the basement and all that is in there is an old wood stove. They go back upstairs and everyone shares some milk and cookies.

This was my favorite book in the 2nd grade and I haven’t ever forgotten about it. I even remember taking it to class for show and tell to read it to my classmates. After searching my parents house to find my old copy and having no luck, I finally bought a new copy and I’m so glad to have it. I think this book is great for young children who have fears of monsters in their closet or under their bed. I can’t wait to read it to my kids one day!

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