Review: The Songs In Our Hearts

Title: The Songs In Our Hearts
Author: Chantal Gadoury
Published: 2017
Page Count: 295
Rating: 5/5

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion.

Let me just say that I did not plan on having this book and review completed until Friday. Yet, here I am, finished with the book, after starting it just yesterday, and now writing my review. This book was just the cutest, most amazing YA contemporary that I have read this year. After I just finished reading Allerleirauh and now this one, I’m definitely going to be picking up any book that Chantal Gadoury releases. Her writing style makes me feel so connected to the characters and loving the characters more and more.

This story follows a girl named Charlie who is a sixteen year-old in high school. Charlie has had a bad experience with a crush in the past, so when a cute boy named Micah wants to start talking and hanging out with her, she feels that she needs to keep her feelings bottled up in order to avoid getting hurt. But she gets paired with Micah to work on a project together and they spend lots of time together, forcing her to keep holding the truth back. Charlie continues to question if she should finally tell Micah her feelings, even though they both have made it clear that they are “just” friends.

AHHHH, this story gave me all the feels. Starting this book out, I disliked Micah a lot. Sorry! He was just too pushy in my opinion. One scenario that I will mention, is when they go to a bonfire with his friends. Charlie is very uncomfortable being there because some people are smoking and some are drinking and it’s just not her type of fun. Micah seems upset by her being upset because he wants her to “live a little” and says that “all high school kids drink”. I was really disappointed that it seemed he was trying to make her feel bad about not having a good time. No one should be forced to drink to have a good time. But Micah seemed to mature as the story went on and I grew to love him as a character. Also, this book features some incredible songs. Every chapter is the title of a song with the artist and I knew about 85% of the songs and it was so fun for me to look up the song and listen to it before starting the chapter. Music is a huge part of my life and I’m glad to see that Ms. Gadoury incorporated it in her book.

Please please please do yourself a huge favor and read this book and Allerleirauh. I really hope to start seeing Chantal Gadoury’s books in bookstores because they are so so great!

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