Review: Skin & Earth (Issue #3)

Title: Skin & Earth (Issue #3)
Author: Lights
Published: 2017
Page Count: 25
Rating: 3/5

I have been reading this comic series since the first one came out and I have really been enjoying them. Until this one. Why do writers like to have their main character have a relationship with every new character that comes into the story? In this issue we are introduced to Mitsuki (Tsu). Lights has a sort of dream of her and then sees her later that day and chases her down. They are talking about how her name Mitsuki was the name of En’s favorite book as a child and her mother used to read it to her. And now they have a romantic or physical relationship and the story ends with them saying they are going to get Priest… What?! Why couldn’t they just be friends and Tsu helps her get back at Priest? Why does there have to be a romance between the two? I just did not like this issue and felt that the story ended on a major cliffhanger and left me with lots of questions.

I’m obviously going to continue with the story because Lights is still my favorite singer and I love this entire project that she is doing with the comics and her new album. I just felt that the story fell flat with this one. The two songs that go along with this issue are New Fears and Morphine and both tracks are great! I managed to listen to the entire album when it came out probably about 10 times now and it’s definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. Go check it out!

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