Review: Stars Above

Title: Stars Above
Author: Marissa Meyer
Published: 2016
Page Count: 369
Rating: 4/5

Stars Above is a collection of novellas that are mostly prequel stories to the characters in The Lunar Chronicles.

The first story, The Keeper, follows the back story of Scarlet, Cinder & Michelle Benoit. We learn how Scarlet came to live with her grandmother Michelle and that her father was a terrible one. We also get the story of how Cinder came to be on earth and taken care of by Michelle.

The second story, Glitches, follows Cinder more after she leaves Michelle’s home and goes to live with her stepmother Adri and her two stepsisters, Peony and Pearl. Cinder doesn’t feel that she fits in with her new family but we learn of how she became a mechanic when she takes on her first project of fixing up Iko.

The third story, The Queen’s Army, follows Wolf’s story of how he came to be in the Queen’s army. We see him rise up to Alpha in his pack and when his brother Ran joins his pack as well.

The next story, Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky, obviously follows Thorne Carswell when he is younger and in school. In the book Cress we learn of how he helped a young girl in his class, Kate Fallow, get her portscreen back from some bullies and this novella dives more into that story.

The next story, After Sunshine Passes By, is the story of Cress and how Sybil picked her to go to the satellite to spy on Earth. This one is probably the shortest novella out of them all and I thought that it was the least important since we already knew that Cress was very good at technology and hacking. So her being picked to go to this satellite was no surprise.

The next story, The Princess and the Guard, follows Winter and Jacin. We learn the story of why Winter decided to stop using her Lunar powers and her first stages of Lunar sickness. Jacin is there for her the entire time and we see them grow up together as very close friends and Winter admitting to herself that she loves him.

The next story, The Little Android, is the only story that is not told in The Lunar Chronicles. It follows a completely new character, Star, who is an android. If I’m not mistaken, this seemed to be a sort of retelling of The Little Mermaid. Star gets an escort-droid body from Cinder, but it has no voice box and she’s in love with Dataran, a human. She gets a job with him as an electrician so that she can work close to him but she does not want him to know that she is an android.

The next story, The Mechanic, follows Kai and Cinder. This was definitely a pointless story in my opinion. It’s the same story in Cinder when Kai takes his android, Nainsi, to Cinder to be fixed but it’s from Kai’s perspective. It was totally unnecessary and I did not learn anything from the story that I did not already know.

The last story, Something Old, Something New, was probably my favorite of the novellas. This is an epilogue of some time later after Winter. The crew gets back all together for the wedding of Scarlet and Wolf and I absolutely loved it!

Overall, I think that these novellas were really cute and it was nice to read some short stories on the characters again, but by no means is it necessary to read these to get the full story. But I definitely recommend it to fans of The Lunar Chronicles, if you are looking to read more on these characters.

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