Review: Winter

Title: Winter
Author: Marissa Meyer
Published: 2015
Page Count: 824
Rating: 5/5

First off, this book is very misleading. When it’s sitting on my shelf next to Cress, it looks like it’s a tiny bit smaller than Cress. But when you open the book and see that the pages are as thin as the pages in the Bible, you know that you were very wrong. But it was still an amazing conclusion and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Winter is a retelling of Snow White and it is done so wonderfully. It still has the same lovable Snow White story and it blends so well with the rest of Meyer’s story. Winter takes place of course after Cress but we learn more about the character Winter. She is very well known on Luna and Earth because of her beauty. But she does have scars on her face from Levana (being jealous, of course) but that does not take away from her beauty. In fact, some say it makes her all the more beautiful. She’s very sweet and kind but also kind of crazy. She has a lot of hallucinations due to the fact that she does not use her Lunar powers and refuses to do so. Her and the royal guard Jacin Clay obviously love each other but haven’t told one another. They grew up as childhood friends and Jacin becomes Winter’s guard. Queen Levana knows of Jacin’s feelings for Winter and uses it to her advantage. (Have I mentioned that she’s evil?) Meanwhile, the rest of the crew (minus Scarlet, who is still on Luna as Winter’s “pet”) is trying to come up with a plan to overthrow Levana. And the battle begins.

I loved the blend of the original Snow White story and this one. We have a huntsman and we get a plague filled apple candy and true loves kiss. What more could you ask for? This book is very long and big but the story was never boring. EVER! I loved all the action, the romance and the friendships. Also, we get to see Iko more in this book than the others and I love her! I really didn’t understand why so many other people loved her, but after reading Winter, I have to say that I love her too. Winter and Jacin are adorable together. He is always worrying about her and trying to protect her and they make a very cute couple. But Cress and Thorne still have my heart. I loved them instantly while reading Cress and I was always smiling reading their parts. I also really grew to love Cinder and Kai. Like Iko, I didn’t see the love for them like everyone else, but now I totally do! And of course there’s Scarlet and Wolf. What a perfect match they make! How did Meyer create a story with all perfect ships?!? It’s fantastic!!!

The ending was great and I’m really sad this story is over but I’m looking forward to reading Wires and Nerves next. I recommend this story to EVERYONE! If you are reading this, please do yourself a favor and read this series!! If you have read this series, tell me what you thought. Which ship is your favorite? Which book is your favorite? Let me know!

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