Review: Fairest

Title: Fairest
Author: Marissa Meyer
Published: 2015
Page Count: 220
Rating: 3/5

When I started reading The Lunar Chronicles, I did not know what I was in for. I knew they were retelling’s of popular fairy tales but I had no idea the plots or story lines. So when it came time for me to read Fairest, the back story of the evil Queen Levana, I did not think that it was a necessary addition in the story. But I’m pretty sure I was wrong. I thought this was going to be a back story of how Queen Levana became so evil and I did not want to have any sympathy for her because she’s clearly very evil and I do not like her. And while this is Queen Levana’s story and it sort of explains why she is evil, I kind of enjoyed it. Marissa Meyer’s writing is still amazing in this one and while I really did not care to know Queen Levana’s history, I found myself wanting to get to the end of the book to see what happens.

Levana grows up with her older sister Channary. Their parents die when Levana is still a teenager and Channary becomes Queen. The two sisters do not get along very well. Levana seems to think that Channary is a terrible Queen and that she, herself, would make a better one. Levana has her sights set on a royal guard, Evret, but he is already married and expecting a child. But that does not stop Levana. We get to find out how the plague is started and they talk briefly of using the Shell’s for the antidote. We also get to see the build up of the wolf-hybrids.

I hated how Levana and Channary used their powers to get what they want. And of course we learn a little bit more on why Levana uses her glamour to hide her looks from everyone. We also get to see Princess Selene and Princess Winter in their younger ages and kind of see their back story. Levana is crazy and so disturbing. While understandable because her parents did not show any love to Levana or her sister, her need to find love is just too much. Reading some of the parts between Levana and Evret were so awkward and I felt so bad for him.

So I may have only given this one a 3 star rating, but I did find it enjoyable to read about Levana’s past. I just did not enjoy as much as I thought. But I do recommend others who really enjoy The Lunar Chronicles to check this one out as well.