Review: Cress

Title: Cress
Author: Marissa Meyer
Published: 2014
Page Count: 550
Rating: 5/5

What.Just.Happened?!?! I just read Cress and it is now in my top five favorite books. I could not put this book down. It is seriously addicting and I had to continue until I finished it. This series is so great and I feel like it’s only going to get better. I hope! In this book we meet Cress who is a Lunar shell that has been a prisoner on a satellite for seven years. We did meet her briefly in Cinder through the D-COMM that was attached to Emperor Kai’s android, Nainsi. But like I said that was briefly and that’s the only other encounter of her that I remember. Cress was sent to the satellite by Sybil the thaumaturge, to spy and hack leaders on Earth for Queen Levana. Sybil checks on her often to see how her progress is going in finding Cinder. Cress is crazy for anything Earthen and does a lot of research on people of Earth. She loves to sing and is a sap for romance.

Cinder is still trying to figure out a plan to avoid Queen Levana from becoming empress. She’s also making a lot of progress with her powers so she can overthrow Levana. Cress comes into the story because she wants to help Cinder. We get to see all the characters from the previous two books but I felt like we didn’t get to see Scarlet as much. I was really hoping to see her relationship with Wolf grow but we really didn’t get that in this book. I don’t want to give anything away but she does get separated from the rest of the group so we get to read some of her parts but not as much as the others. We also get to see a relationship between Thorne and Cress and it is just the sweetest thing. He’s basically her celebrity crush and it’s adorable to see them together. Queen Levana is still evil, evil, evil!!! We get introduced to Princess Winter very briefly so I’m excited to read about her next.

Cress is my favorite character so far! She’s adorable and tiny and so fragile and innocent and I never want to see her get hurt. EVER! Her and Thorne are so cute. She’s done so much research on him, as he is very popular as a fugitive, and she’s madly in love with him. I love her obsession with Earth. She has never seen, in person, trees or rivers of that sort and it’s fascinating to see her fascination with it all. I can not wait to read Winter and continue the story!

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