Review: Dream House

Book Title: Dream House
Author: Marzia
Published: 2017
Page Count: 327
Rating: 2/5

This is going to be a totally unbiased review and I only say this now because I love Marzia. I have been watching her on YouTube for over a year now and she’s one of the only YouTuber’s that I watch instantly. Meaning that as soon as she posts a video, I’m dropping whatever I’m doing to watch it. This is a young-adult horror book and it is Marzia’s debut novel.

This story follows our main character Amethyst who finds herself standing in the rain in front of the house of her dreams. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bloom, see her standing outside and offer for her to stay the night because there is a big storm coming. When Amethyst awakes in the morning she finds herself to be alone in the house and Mr. and Mrs. Bloom are nowhere to be found. She feels the need to stay in the house because she wants to thank the Bloom’s for their hospitality but she feels there is another reason she wants to stay but isn’t quite sure why. She meets the gardener of the house, Alfred and the boy next door, Avery. She quickly befriends Avery and he warns her to stay away from Alfred but Amethyst feels that she needs to keep an eye on him. Weird things start happening to Amethyst in the house. She keeps having dreams of a little girl named Akiko and she’s hearing other people in the house. But she doesn’t see anyone else there.

I had no knowledge of this story premise going into it. I knew that Marzia wrote a young-adult book and I wanted to pick it up. So when I finally bought it, and I read the synopsis, I thought that it sounded like it might be an interesting story. First off, Avery is super creepy. He stalks Amethyst and always seems to know what she’s doing which is super weird, but Amethyst finds comforting. I don’t like the relationship that they have and I find it super awkward. Also, I didn’t love Alfred. He came across to be really creepy. Amethyst found him staring into her window and her reaction is to take a cup of coffee to him. Um… no! Amethyst had a lot of problems for me. I didn’t see her grow as a character. Most of the book she’s always hungry because she barely eats anything. Some of her actions are questionable and I just couldn’t connect with her.

What I did enjoy about this book was the premise of the book. I just feel that it could have been a lot better. I also loved how the chapters were set up. Each chapter was a day that Amethyst was in the house. I was able to tell how it was going to end and I enjoyed how the book wrapped up.