Review: Kill All Happies


Book Title: Kill All Happies
Author: Rachel Cohn
Published: 2017
Page Count: 279
Rating: 3/5

Last call at Happies! Tonight, 8 P.M. Senior class only! Please with the shhhh…. This is it. Graduation. And Vic Navarro is throwing the most epic party Rancho Soldado has ever seen. She’s going to pull off one seriously memorable goodbye for her best friends, give Happies–the kitschy restaurant that is her desert town’s claim to fame–a proper send-off into bankruptcy, and, oh yes, hook up with her delicious crush, Jake Zavala-Kim. She only needs to keep the whole thing a secret so that her arch-nemesis, Miss Ann Thrope, Rancho Soldado’s nightmare Town Councilwoman and high school economics teacher, doesn’t get Vic tossed in jail.

With the music thumping, alcohol flowing, bodies mashing, and Thrope nowhere to be seen, Vic’s party is a raging success. That is, until Happies fans start arriving in droves to say goodbye, and storm the deserted theme park behind the restaurant. Suddenly what was a small graduation bash is more like Coachella on steroids with a side of RASmatazz pie. The is night is so not going as planned. And maybe that’s the best plan of all.

I thought I was going to love this book. I love YA contemporaries and I’ve heard people raving that this a great summer read. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. I had a major issue with the main character Victoria Navarro (Vic). One side of her loves her two best friends Genesis Fletcher (Fletch) and Mercedes Zavala-Kim (Slick). They call themselves the “Cuddle Huddle”, which seems a little immature for recently graduated high school students. At some points, I thought I was reading about middle school aged girls instead of high school girls. The other side of Vic is very political. She attends town council meetings and has great ideas for the city she lives in and seems very concerned about what will happen to the city she lives in once she leaves. It seemed at times that I was reading about two very different people. One of them mature and one not so much. Not to mention that she also is crushing on Slick’s older brother Jake, who Slick has deemed as off-limits to her two best friends. But of course Vic doesn’t care. She goes after him anyways. We later learn that he’s a jerk and kind of a perv so Slick was just looking out for their best interest. There’s also the character Annette Thrope (Ann), who is the high school Economics teacher and Town Council Chairwoman who is Vic’s worst enemy and tries to sabotage Vic’s life. First of all, she’s a teacher. She can’t deliberately give Vic a bad grade just because her ex-fiance ran off with Vic’s mother. Yeah that happened.

This book just had too much drama for me and too many characters that didn’t play an important role in my opinion. I gave it 3 stars because I was very happy with the ending when, the only character I liked, Zeke (Slick’s younger brother), got a happy ending. (Yes, I know that’s another character to keep up with.) It was a short book so that’s why I read through it but no, I would not recommend it unless you like reading about high school parties with drama.